Using the Flesh light Masturbator

Masturbation allows a man the freedom to practice his sex skills and perfect them without the criticism and control by a partner. Nothing however beats the feeling of being inside a woman or man depending on your preferences. What is if there was a way to merge the two? Men’s life would definitely be better. The good news is that this is exactly what the Flesh light masturbator does. What is it?

Flesh light as the name suggests looks like a flashlight. Before removing the cap nobody can know that it is not a flash light. On removing the lid, its greatness is unveiled. In place of the bulb and glass on a flashlight lies a perfect canal that feels like that of a human. There are various types of flesh lights; those with a mouth-like, anus-like and vagina-like openings. All you have to do is specify the one you want on purchase. The material used has a flesh-like feeling. When you put your member in here, you will feel as though it was the real thing. To make it even more real, these masturbators are lined with inner sleeves that feel real. There are various internal textures so you can choose the one that you like most. As for color, whether you like black, Asian or white, you will get a fleshlight that suits your preferences. You can warm it up and use the provided lubricant to make it feel even more human like.

With this masturbator you will be in control of the pace at which you penetrate as well as the angle you would like to take it. You do not have to use the hand as in usual jerking off. This is a good thing because using the hand could lead to pressing on the cock too tightly which may lead to future complications.

Your experience while masturbating will be close to that of actually having sex with a partner. So, you can skip having one-night stands in between relationships. This way you will be safe from getting the deadly disease HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

This masturbator is very easy to use and take care of. When you want to use it, warm the flesh by letting it sit in hot water for 10 minutes then dry it and put it back in the case. Apply four drops of the lubricant provided and spread on the inside using two fingers. You should be already turned on by now and your penis erect. Use two drops of the lubricant to coat the hard cock. You can now penetrate as you wish and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Be sure to clean the device using hot water after use and let it dry before storing.

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